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Bonus Global Technology Enterprises, LLC, or BGTE, was founded in August 2005 to help push the Bonus family of computing businesses to a point that had not been seen in previous years. Though BGTE has only be formally operating for a couple of years, parts of it have been around since June of 1995.

Today BGTE is based out of Pulaski, Virginia and now concentrates on networking support, web-application development, data security and integrity, as well as providing Internet consulting services. BGTE's Bonus Technologies unit still exists today as its security development lab for special tools and software which BGTE uses to help its customers with everyday.

sub_header_bullet BGTE Corporate History
  • June 1995 - The Bonus Computer Company (BCC) was formed to to support local computer users as well as to provide consulting services for individuals and small businesses.
  • May 1999 - BCC starts getting heavily involved with Internet web-sites, applications and security. As a result, Bonus Technologies was formed as the specialty research division for BCC.
  • March 2001 - BCC and Bonus Technologies realign their product lineup with BCC now handling consumer computing, consulting, Internet support, and implementation of security concepts that are being created by Bonus Technologies. With this retasking, Bonus Technologies now concentrates on security tools and adds Linux implementation and administration to its support line-up.
  • January 2003 - BCC and its services are sold to Edmonds Technologies, Inc. and Bonus Technologies is spun off as an independent Internet security and web-application development firm.
  • August 2005 - BGTE is founded by renewing many services once widely offered by its predecessors. As a result, Bonus Technologies now becomes an internal software and security development lab for BGTE engineers.
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